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Teach Yourself Spanish: Breaking the Language Barrier

What is the language barrier?  How do we break through it?

We can understand what it is simply  by examining the language learning "goal": to speak, understand, read and write a new language with competence and ease.  Whatever prevents us from any of these achievements we can view as an obstacle.  It can be understood and then systematically brought down.

Psychological obstacles:

  • Any limiting thought

Teach Yourself Spanish: Useful Study Ideas

Learning Spanish is an exciting adventure.  It immediately connects you to a wealth of cultures , experiences and people.  It can also be a frustrating and discouraging process.  There are fortunately several things you can  do to insure that you learn fast and enjoy yourself.  Once the process is in place and you have found a comfortable and enjoyable way of learning, it is only

Teach Yourself Spanish: Audio Materials

What are the best ways to use audio material (cd's, mp3's) when you want to learn Spanish?  There are several principles which will help insure the effectiveness of your studies.

  • Use good materials
  • Create a viable schedule
  • Learn to study effectively
  • Practice and review efficiently

Using good materialsThey need to be good in two ways.  They must first seem inviting to you and be enjoyable to use.  Decide for yourself, regardless of outside… Continue reading

Teach yourself Spanish: Learning how to speak

What is the best way to teach yourself how to actually speak Spanish?  There are several simple techniques that will help you develop this ability gradually and effortlessly.First of all realize that you learn how to speak when you are by yourself.  You can practice with others and develop your confidence and naturalness that way, but the bulk of the work can be done

Teach Yourself Spanish: Creating Effective Routines

When you want to teach yourself Spanish, there are three ways you must prepare yourself.  The first is to prepare yourself mentally.  The second is to know what you are doing.  The third is to create effective routines.  Intention and knowledge are not enough.  They must be applied in regular practice.  But the practice must make sense and systematically

Teach Yourself Spanish: Mental Preparations

Learning a language is a great adventure.  Since I have taught myself 7 languages - including English as a teenager,  I have a decent idea of how to get organized to learn a new language.  Some of it involves mental preparation  some of it involves establishing effective routines and some of it involves knowing what you are doing.  None of it requires a